Koiné University Association is a no-profit NGO composed by volunteering students and offers welcoming and reception services for incoming Exchange Students.

The STUDENT INFORMATION SERVICE project (S.I.S.) operating according to a formal aggrement within the Forlì Campus, deals with:

Preliminary Info

You can contact our officers by:

– email: exchanges@koineonline.org
– phone: (only in case of emergency): +39 0543 31521

You can also join our official Facebook group: Erasmus Forlì Koiné 2018/2019, through which you can always be updated on our activities and all the events taking place in Forlì and in the surroundings of the city; add this Facebook account (Tutor ExchangeStudents) or like our Page.


Housing & Application

Private flats are usually arranged for 3-4 people, in private rooms or shared room (2 people). Forlì is a small university city with several accommodation options for students, mainly in shared apartments located all over the city. Only a small amount of accommodations are situated near the university and for this reason we recommend you to choose your accommodation early before your arrival, using this service. Anyway, if after your arrival you will still be searching for a flat or a room in the city, our volunteers will help you in finding one. 

STEP 1: The online Application form is the first step to join our HOUSING service



1. When we receive your application form, we will send you a virtual MAP by email. On this map you will find all the available accommodation options with detailed info about rent, rooms, house facilities and pictures of the houses.

2. Choose your favourite accommodation and confirm your choice as soon as possible. We suggest you to select the more options you can in order to have more chances to find a suitable accommodation.

3. Once your room has been confirmed, you have to make the pre-payment within 7 days. It is very important that you make this payment on time to fix your reservation. The room reservation will be cancelled if the payment is not made on time. Your pre-payment is to be considered as a compulsory deposit, therefore the landlord will give you the amount of money back at the end of your stay or after your departure (in this case, it’s important to inform him about the bank account at which you want to receive the payment). Don’t forget that you will not get the whole refund in case of any damages to the house or unpaid or not yet received rents/bills.

The association is not responsible for the way and timing in which the owner determines the return of the deposit, nor for any failure to transmit it to the exchange student.

4. Make your prepayment (national transfer fees/commissions exluded) by a bank transfer to:

Bank Account n° 761042
Beneficiary: Associazione Universitaria Koiné
Bank: Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna, Corso della Repubblica 41, 47121 Forlì
ABI code: 05387
CAB code: 13202/7
IBAN code: IT 62 K 05387 13202 000000761042
Deposit description: deposit for the  flat in – DIRECTION – forward to – FULL NAME OF THE OWNER – + your full name + incoming student
The organization will be responsible for forwarding your pre-payment to the owner of your room.


Alternatively we may provide you a list with contacts of Italian students leaving for an International Exchange program. ROOM-SURFING is based on a name modification in rental contract subscription (with lower fees of registration) as you are going to replace the listed Italian student in his/her vacant room.


Arrival days: FALL TERM: 15 sept/5 oct – SPRING TERM: 16 feb/6 mar


STEP 2: Once your accommodation has been confirmed and after the payment receypt we will send you the Arrival Form in which:

• You can create your personal WELCOME BOX. Among the first-needs items you can have a free map of the city, an Italian mobile phone sim-card on loan, bed linen sets, etc…

• You can join our MENTOR PROGRAM. Mentor groups are run by volunteers and made up of 7-8 exchange students from different countries. During the first weeks of the semester every Mentor Group will arrange welcome activities and basic city tours in order to introduce you to Forlì and the other international students! Once you have been included into a Mentor Group, you will be invited to its private Facebook group.

• You can book our FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from Forlì train station or airport! Just indicate date, time and place of arrival in Forlì (train station, bus station, airport).

Please try to plan your journey and your arrival in Forlì during the day or early evening, preferably from Monday to Friday: during the weekend most of the information centers and desks for bureaucratic procedures and documentation are closed and during the evenings it will be quite hard to find a comfortable journey by train from Bologna to Forlì (to get one look at: TRAINS TIMETABLES / BOLOGNA AIRPORT TRANSFERS )
When you arrive in Forlì please contact for any help and information. Please contact us also in case of any changes in the arrival time by calling the following phone number (coordinators of the welcome service mobile phone)

+39 339-3562272


All those wishing to use the free shuttle service are asked to frequently check the email address in order to stay updated on any changes.

After the arrival

• In the first weeks after the arrival every incoming student will be offered a welcome service which is aimed at the student integration into the academic and social life of Forlì. The welcome service coordinators will be able to give every information you need about the city and the bureaucratic procedures. During your stay you can take part to social and cultural events whose main purpose will be to involve international students in the social and cultural academic environment of the city.

 MENTOR GROUPS will led the first welcoming activities in the first weeks in Forlì. Afterwards you will be involved in a lot of activities, such as movie-nights, theme-parties or the traditional Thursday Erasmus Night, a weekly event beginning with an Aperitif prepared by our volunteers together with exchange students from a specific country.

• You will be suggested to join KOINE’ UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION. Our membership is compulsory if you want to join our courses (language, photography, theatre, etc…) and trips in Italy. It also allows you to have special discounts or facilities in the city and special admissions to clubs and parties.

All those wishing to use the free shuttle service are asked to frequently check the email address in order to stay updated on any changes.